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Firearms & Weapons


Firearm and weapon charges are extremely serious and a conviction can result in lengthy periods of incarceration. These offences cover a broad range of conduct relating to the use, possession, storage, and transfer of firearms and other weapons. When firearms are used in the commission of other offences, harsher penalties may be imposed.

We use our knowledge and years of experience to zealously defend our clients from even the most complex firearms and weapons charges.

We Defend all Firearm & Weapon Charges

Unauthorized Possession of Firearm: This offence includes the possession of a non-restricted firearm without a license, as well as the possession of a restricted or prohibited firearm without a licence and a registration certificate. 

Careless Use / Storage of Firearm: Even otherwise lawful gun owners can be subject to criminal charges if they fail to properly store or transport their firearm or ammunition. 

Possession of Weapon for Dangerous Purpose: The possession of a baton, a knife and even an object like a broken bottle can result in a criminal charge if there are grounds to believe it was for a dangerous purpose. 

Using Firearm in Commission of Offence: This offence imposes additional punishment on persons who use firearms or imitation firearms while committing or fleeing from the commission of an indictable offence. 

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