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Sexual Assault


A sexual assault is an assault that is committed in circumstances of a sexual nature. Factors that are relevant to this offence include: the part of the body touched, the nature of the contact, the situation in which it occurred, and the words and gestures accompanying the act. The offence of sexual assault is therefore not limited to instances of non-consensual intercourse, but can also result from actions such as an unwanted kiss or touch. 

Regardless of the severity of the alleged sexual contact, a conviction for sexual assault can have a devastating impact on a person's life. A conviction for sexual assault will result in a criminal record, and can also lead to the loss of employment, being added to national and provincial sex offender registries, and a lengthy term of imprisonment.

Defending Sexual Assault Charges

Sexual assault cases are complex. Successfully defending them requires not only a thorough understanding of the special laws and evidentiary procedures that apply to sexual offences, but also the ability to conduct effective cross-examination. The significant importance of cross-examination in sexual assault trials is due to the fact that the prosecution's case is often almost entirely based on the evidence and testimony of a single witness - the complainant. 

Our firm has the experience and expertise to defend even the most serious sexual assault charges, and our thorough and diligent approach to these cases has led to positive results and outcomes for our clients. 

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